12.11.2012 Rate:

My skin is constantly changing, I had normal skin, in pregnancy ever hypersensitive, after the baby the situation changed completely, I struggled with a great problem of oily skin, with a lot of blemishes, dilated pores, eruptions, inflammatory lesions on the skin, awful seborrhoea and constant skin shining were the source of my low self-esteem, I couldn't cope with it until I bought Iwostin Purritin: Face Washing Gel, tonic and Night Cream. Already after a week of using I noticed a significant improvement in the skin appearance, after a month I enjoyed beautiful skin without blemishes – my skin was no longer shiny, sebum secretion was regulated, pores and comedones disappeared. What's most important, I felt much happier, I was smiling and I wasn't embarrassed by my looks, I felt confident, I became more attractive, at least in my own eyes - wonderful feeling!!! And all that thanks to Iwostin Purritin, because dermocosmetics not only treat the skin, but also prevent new problems. Iwostin ♥♥♥♥♥

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