Protective Cream SPF 50+50 ml

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Sun protection

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  • Provides high protection of capillary skin against UVA and UVB radiation (complex of organic filters with mineral filter)
  • Protects DNA of skin cells against damage, and strengthens the natural sun protection system (Antileukine 6 ® immunological filter)
  • Protects against the activity of free radicals responsible for skin photoageing (vitamin E)
  • Reduces the risk of photodermatoses, including sun-induced eczema and photoallergic reactions
  • It is resistant to water and sweat
  • It can be used from the 6th month of age

Efficacy confirmed in tests:

  • Due to confirmed water resistance, the cream protects the skin very well against external water loss. Water concentration in the skin higher by 70%*

* Results of apparatus study conducted in a specialised research laboratory

How to use

Apply evenly on the skin, at least 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight.. Re-apply if the product wears off the skin surface. Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight during peak sun intensity hours. Protect babies and children from the sun.


Very high sun protection of sensitive and allergic skin with pigmentation disturbances (albinism, skin discolourations), scars and naevi.

My daughter's skin is very fair and sensitive to sunrays. Unfortunately, she doesn't like creams with filter, which leave unpleasant, sticky film on her skin. Moreover, there are always problems with application and absorption. Last summer, a pharmacist recommended Iwostin Solecrin Multi-position Spray SPF 50+. I bought it immediately, as...

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